Preventive Care

When it comes to building a lifetime of healthy smiles, prevention is key. With our comprehensive preventive care, including routine cleanings, personalized instruction, and treatment for gum disease, everyone in your family can achieve a fresh, healthy smile. Let us be your partners for years of strong, beautiful smiles.

Oral Hygiene and Screening Visits

Sure, good oral hygiene begins at home with regular brushing and flossing. However, biannual appointments with our team of hygienists can dramatically improve your oral health. We gently remove plaque buildup to deter gum disease, then we polish your teeth for a fresh, clean shine. In addition, we inspect your mouth for signs of tooth decay, and check for damage caused by tooth grinding. Also, Arestin®, an oral antibiotic, is commonly placed when necessary.

With regular oral hygiene visits, we will keep your dental health in extraordinary condition.

Periodontal Therapy

When plaque builds up, it eventually invades below the gum line, accumulating in pockets of gum tissue, which can cause an insidious infection. Warning signs for gum disease include red, swollen gums that bleed easily and chronic bad breath. If these symptoms sound familiar, call us right away for a periodontal analysis.

Our non-surgical periodontal therapy stops gum disease before it escalates. First, we scale away the hardened plaque trapped beneath the gum line, then we plane root surfaces to eliminate rough areas prone to plaque collection. To control the infection and heal inflamed gum tissue, we place Arestin® antibiotic in the afflicted gum pockets. Early periodontal treatment may cure the infection and prevent other medical conditions commonly associated with periodontal disease. We refer advanced periodontal disease cases to a specialist.